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Lynne Siqueland PhD

Treatment of children, teens and adults with anxiety disorders.

Meet Lynne.

I am a clinical psychologist specializing in cognitive behavioral and family treatment for children, teens and adults with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Anxiety, stress and OCD can have a big impact on the lives of children, adults and families.  But anxiety and OCD are very treatable and kids, families, and adults can reclaim their lives and freedom.


My goal is to help all my clients build courage and a sense of competence.  I work to provide a caring, supportive and collaborative relationship as the foundation of the therapeutic work.  A safe place where children, teens, parents or adults can share their concerns or fears and get empathy, support and guidance. I provide my clients with tools and strategies to cope with their anxiety and respond differently to their fear. Overcoming fear occurs by facing fears step by step. Across, the age span, I also help parents learn how they can support and coach their child in these anxious moments. Parents have the power to have a positive impact on their children when they also know how to approach anxiety.



Individual and

family therapy

Dr. Siqueland provides individual and family based therapy for children, teens and adults with anxiety and OCD using empirically supported cognitive behavioral and exposure and response prevention approaches.


Parent workshops

Dr. Siqueland offers parent workshops called Nurturing Courage and Competence.   They provide information about how anxiety presents in children, individual strategies for children, and  parent coaching tips.  Parents really enjoy the opportunity to meet and talk with other parents.


Consultation and training

Dr. Siqueland has extensive experienced in providing professional trainings and consultation for other therapists.  She has presented locally and nationally to parents, schools and professionals.

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