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Nurturing Courage and Competence: Parenting your Child with Anxiety

Does your child:

◈ seem to worry a lot, seem easily upset or cry often?

◈ say ‘things are too hard’?

◈ struggle with stomachaches and headaches?

◈ have trouble developing friendships?

◈ is hesitant to try new things or participate in activities?

◈ have trouble sleeping or being alone?

Do you often wonder how much to push or how much to help?

In this 2 part workshop parents learn about the nature of anxiety and how it impacts thoughts, feelings and behavior. Cognitive behavioral strategies are reviewed so parents can help their child. We also teach parents how to coach their child in their anxious moments and to facilitate independence.  The second part focuses on how to apply these child and parent strategies to handle typical difficult times with children with anxiety (e.g., school mornings, stomachaches, homework, bedtime, trying new things, etc).  Part 2 of the workshop involves two 90 minute segments.  These workshops are provided both in person and online by Zoom.

This workshop can facilitate treatment for those awaiting individual treatment and can help parents take the lead on helping children and teens with less severe anxiety.  Also many parents have found that the individual treatment for their child leaves them without ideas about how to support their child and handle day to day challenges.  Parents really appreciate a chance to talk to other parents who understand what they are coping with. Parent workshops are offered both virtually and in person.


This workshop is geared for the anxiety disorders other than OCD. OCD requires some more of a specific treatment that is different from the other disorders. However, parents have attended this workshop who have a child who has both anxiety and OCD and found it helpful.  With sufficient interest, Dr. Siqueland will do an OCD focused workshop 


If interested, contact Lynne Siqueland at

Consultation and speaking engagements

Lynne Siqueland provides consultation to other therapists who want to learn more about CBT and ERP approaches to anxiety and OCD.  Or to those who are struggling with a particularly complex case.  Consultation can be a one-time meeting or ongoing as therapists learn how to implement these approaches with their case from the beginning.

Dr Siqueland has extensive experience with speaking engagements about anxiety in children.  She has provided parent workshops, school-based trainings and professional education workshops both locally and nationally. See examples of presentations under the presentations and research section.

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