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Selected Presentations

Addressing Perfectionism Across Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents: Learning to Live by Values Instead of by Rules

By Lynne Siqueland

Anxiety and Depression Association of America, professional education webinar, May 2017

Empowering Families in the Face of PANS: How therapists in clinical practice can coordinate with pediatricians and schools to address children’s need

By Tamar Chansky & Lynne Siqueland

Anxiety and Depression Association of America professional education webinar, April 2019

Complex cases in child/adolescent anxiety and OCD: Addressing family factors that facilitate or inhibit treatment outcome

By Lynne Siqueland

Training workshop, Philadelphia, PA, November 8, 2019

Other Presentations

Siqueland, L (2021).  Using cognitive-behavioral strategies to treat perfectionism across the anxiety disorders in children and adolescents: learning to live by values instead of by rules, Maryland Psychological Association, virtual, January 30, 2021


Siqueland, L. (2021).  Helping your Perfectionistic Child, parent workshop, Brearley School, NY, February 2, 2021.


Siqueland, L.  From resistance to advocate: Building resilience and independence step by step. In joint case conference:  Promoting and fostering resilience: creativity and flexibility in complex cases in child/teen anxiety. Anxiety and Depression Association of America conference, virtual conference, March 2021


Siqueland, L et al It's Rarely That Simple: Case Conference on Complexity and Family Involvement in Childhood Anxiety and OCD., Anxiety and Depression Association of America conference, March 2023, Washington, DC


Nurturing Courage and Competence: Parenting your child with anxiety.  Parent workshop for Garnet Valley School District, November 2023.

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